‘Bonnie has the wisdom and practical know-how to steer your organisation in the right direction regarding corporate fundraising. If we could clone her we would!’

Amelia Lee, Director

“Bonnie has transformed our efforts at Special Olympics Great Britain in the area of fundraising – her expert advice, project management skills and ability to work with corporate partners at a senior level have been key to our success in acquiring and retaining sponsors”

Len Dunne, Board Member

“Bonnie has really helped us feel more optimistic about our fundraising. She and her team have found openings for possible partnerships that we didn’t think existed. She is extremely hard-working, full of ideas, detail-focused and patient – and also very tolerant about spreading our work over the week rather than insisting on only being available for one particular day”

Lucy Carter, CEO

“Working with Bonnie and her team was a pleasure. She quickly understood what we needed and what our priorities should be. She was able to work within our budget, and produce genuinely useful results. Highly recommended”

Chris Abbott, Founder & Executive Director