“Nobody can say we don’t get our money’s worth from you. You’re always on the ball! Brilliant!”

Linda Alexander, PR Assistant

“I highly recommend Bonnie Clayton as a fundraiser with total confidence. She is a high calibre, professional operator with excellent time management and people skills who produces sound results”

Kate Annett, Trustee

“Bonnie Clayton Consulting worked with The Learning Trust (the organisation running education services for The London Borough of Hackney) in order to undertake a fundraising project for four adventure playgrounds in the local area. Bonnie and her team worked alongside our play staff to identify strategic funding needs, employee involvement and sponsorship opportunities. She carried out detailed corporate, trust and media partner prospect research, prepared a case for support and fundraising strategy for the playgrounds. In addition, Bonnie worked alongside the organisations to implement their fundraising strategies and make approaches for funding and support. I would highly recommend Bonnie Clayton Consulting as fundraising consultants and found them to be tenacious, hardworking, strategic in their thinking and refreshing in their approach”

Jackie Hopfinger Strategic Manager, Childcare & Play

“Bonnie Clayton and her team carried out a comprehensive audit of our fundraising/development and alumni relations functions and made recommendations for improvement. As part of their work, the team provided a full written report of findings, together with recommendations for improvement and additional documentation regarding staff competencies, plus coaching for individual members of staff. We had regular contact throughout the project, by email and telephone and through Skype meetings, as well as meetings in person at key stages throughout the project. Bonnie was very good at keeping me informed of progress, but also displayed the initiative and experience to drive the project forward. I was happy with the work undertaken and the final report and would recommend Bonnie for similar projects”

Hannah Hamilton, Marketing & Communications Director